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How to Hire SEO Freelancer in Delhi

Hello there! Thanks for dropping by on my website on your search for a result-driven SEO consultant in Delhi.

Let me introduce myself. I am Saalim Tahir. An SEO Expert in Delhi. I am an ardent believer in the potential of SEO and Website Technicality in growing a brand’s visibility and rankings.

As an experienced SEO expert in Delhi, I trust utilizing ethical SEO practices to enhance my client’s business and growth. My journey with SEO all these 6+ years infused me with the confidence to tackle and rank on the challenging keywords. 

My passion for technology and my analytical bent of mind are my strengths. My satisfaction lies in my client’s success and growth. It is what drives me and gained me the trust as the best SEO consultant in Delhi.

Why Choose Freelance SEO Services in Delhi?

In my 6+ years career, I guided many clients that were confused with choosing full-time SEO consultant Delhi vs. freelance SEO Services in Delhi. In my experience, when you hire SEO freelancer, you reap a bunch of benefits:

  • Drive the online growth of your business with peace of mind by choosing a trusted SEO consultant Delhi.
  • Time and effort to focus on your core business, leaving the SEO tasks to the freelance SEO services.
  • Cost savings are a bonus when you hire SEO freelancer compared to outsourcing them to agencies.
  • Protect your sanity amidst the constantly changing landscape of SEO and Search Engine Algorithms. Your SEO freelancer in Delhi will take care of them!
  • Enjoy timely communication and report delivery that helps track the success of SEO campaigns and plan for upcoming SEO strategies.

Here’s What I Deliver As Your SEO Freelancer In Delhi

My journey with the digital world began in 2012, and I turned into a professional SEO consultant Delhi in 2017. 

Having worked across diversified niches such as Education, Travel, eCommerce, Technology, Hospitality, WordPress, and Personal Websites, I am all geared to solve your business challenges and help your business grow digitally.

When you choose me as your SEO freelancer in Delhi, I can assure you transparent and ROI-guaranteed services across:

Website Design, Development, and Audit: Your website is the gateway to connect with customers. I can design your website and power it with the latest technologies. If you are looking for a website that speaks for your brand’s promise, make me your chosen SEO expert in Delhi.

Keyword Research and Analysis: When we collaborate as a part of freelance SEO services, please don’t mind if I pose questions to clarify my doubts about your business needs. Because I believe in understanding the client’s needs from the grass-root level to perform keyword research that helps them rank and bring in profits.

SEO Audit and SEO Strategy: One of my capabilities is a performance-driven SEO strategy that caters to business needs backed with an intensive SEO audit. I have guided various clients who hired several other SEO experts in Delhi only to witness no visible growth in traffic and ranking. I helped them by performing an SEO audit, finding the gaps in their strategies, and implementing ethical SEO practices. 

PPC Ads: Businesses are capturing the attention of digital users with PPC ads like never before. I am adept in handling Search Engine Marketing campaigns and PPC Ads. I can drive your ad campaigns that bring in assured ROI, powering them with conversion-driven copywriting and design elements.

My Freelance SEO Services Extend To:

Android Application Development: Let me build the Android app for your business that performs top-notch and brings you the results expected.

Software Development: My computer science background and solid software development knowledge and experience will make your life easy. 

When you hire me as your SEO freelancer in Delhi, I can also provide software development services. I am skilled in (Education management system, SaaS, etc

It means, when you hire me as an SEO expert in Delhi, you can save time, cost, and effort in hiring a separate web developer and technical expert. It is a bonus that you get when you hire an SEO freelancer, which is me.

Social Media Marketing: Social media is the go-to channel for businesses to attract and retain customers. If you are yet not leveraging it to the fullest potential, ask me how best to take your brand closer to the social media audience.

Content Strategy and Content Marketing: SEO and quality content go hand in hand. As a trusted SEO consultant Delhi, I leverage quality content and targeted content strategy to boost my client’s business growth and reputation.

Email marketing: I trust, one of the proven ways to build a customer base is email marketing. I can handle end-to-end email marketing needs from finding new leads, performing A/B testing, and conducting email marketing campaigns.

Why Do You Need an SEO Consultant Delhi?

Growing a business in Delhi, the commercial hotspot of the country is not a matter of cakewalk. As an SEO expert Delhi, I can provide you with the technical and SEO expertise to grow your business in Delhi.

  • Target Delhi customers using Google Maps.
  • Utilize Local SEO techniques to strengthen your digital presence in Delhi.
  • Drive your business through business listings to build a targeted customer base.
  • Apply effective search engine and social media practices to target the Delhi audience.
  • Promote your services and products to Delhi customers.

 As SEO Expert Delhi, I promise:

  • Transparent workflow
  • 100% ethical SEO practices
  • Constant communication
  • Usage of state-of-art SEO tools
  • An SEO strategy that your business exactly needs
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Return on Investment
  • Timely and comprehensive reports


Why Should You Hire Me As Your SEO Consultant in Delhi?

What makes me the best SEO consultant in Delhi and distinct from other freelance SEO services in Delhi is my quality assurance and promising returns on SEO investment.

I have worked on challenging keywords across the education and hospitality industries and helped clients make revenue from diverse channels. 

Either you have tried other SEO experts in Delhi or looking to grow your budding business for the first time, I can promise that you will be happy with your decision of hiring me as an SEO expert Delhi. 

Still, confused about how to hire SEO freelancer? Read this dedicated post on how to hire freelancer SEO services for your business?

To hire me as your SEO freelancer, email me at ( . I will get back to you soon and let us together drive your business growth through SEO.