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Why WordPress Is The Most Usable Php Framework For Blogging Websites?

WordPress Blogging Website

Whether WordPress is a CMS, or if it is a PHP framework? It has been a matter of doubt among most of the WordPress users. It is quite easy to understand these days why WordPress is one of the best platforms for blogging, and how a prominent blog theme can make blogging more interesting. But here, the question is whether WordPress is a PHP framework or not. And if it is, then, how good it is as a PHP framework for blogging. Here, in this blog, I will discuss this topic very thoroughly. And, soon, you will not doubt this issue in any manner. 

Whether The WordPress Is A PHP Framework Or Not?

Let me tell you one thing very clearly that you may consider it as a PHP framework, but it is not the same. What does it mean!. 

Let me explain. 

If you consider the complete WordPress, you will find that it is an Open source Content Management System. It means you may do the front end customization without using any code in the backend. 

And it makes web development quite easier. But if you take a close look at the various functionalities of the WP CMS, you will find that it provides some PHP framework functionalities, and that too at an advanced level. 

Let’s take a look at some of those functionalities. 

Some PHP Functionalities That WordPress Also Offers.

Caching Feature

Most of the PHP frameworks provide the caching feature. And, with WordPress as well, you get some outstanding plugins that offer advanced level control over caching your WordPress website. It makes your website work faster, and you may see the changes made on your website in real-time. For bloggers, caching plays an important role. This feature becomes even more crucial if your blog is already published, and you are making changes after that. If the caching functionality of your website is not better, the end-users may never see the changes you made. And if it happens, it may ruin your blogging performance irrespective of the quality WordPress blog theme you have.

ORM Capabilities

WordPress offers the ORM capabilities with its robust database class. And you may indirectly work with the database through the abstract methods. You may write the raw queries as well. This functionality of WordPress works the same as that of the PHP framework ORM. 

PHP Theme Customization Through Coding

WordPress Themes and uses the PHP language. And to make any such customizations that your Themes or plugins are not offering directly, you may need to make some changes to those codings. Also, you may need to add some PHP from your side. It may help to make your WordPress blog Theme, or even any other WP Themes looking more attractive.

Advanced Level Authentication Security

WordPress offers the advanced level authentication feature. And it is very crucial from the security point of view of your website. A lot of PHP frameworks offer authentication features like LDAP Authentication, Social Media Authentication, and so on. And the surprising fact is that the WordPress CMS also offers all these types of authentication security. 

These are some of the reasons how you may consider WordPress as a PHP framework. And, now it’s time to see why WordPress is the most used PHP framework for a blogging website. First of all, if you read the four functionalities thoroughly that I have discussed above, you may find they are themselves the reasons to consider WordPress as the best PHP framework. Other than these, you get some advanced features with WordPress. And, I may bet that you may never get these features with any other PHP frameworks. 

What Makes The WordPress Better Than Other PHP Frameworks. 

  1. WordPress offers you the quality user interface that you may never get with any other PHP frameworks. The UI that WordPress offers you is way more superior and attractive than any other PHP framework. 
  2. Also, there are not any PHP frameworks that may offer you the Media Management functionalities that you may get with WP CMS. The WordPress Content Management system can easily store, manage, and process various types of media files. You may use the audio files, video files, and even the written documents quite easily on WordPress. However, you may need to use some plugins for that sometimes, but that is quite easier. On the other hand, if you try doing the same with any other PHP frameworks, you may find it next to the impossible. 
  3. You may rarely find any PHP framework that gives you the ability to custom rewrite rules and to do things like capturing URL parameters, and so on. But, the WordPress CMS offers this functionality quite easily. 

In short, the combination of open-source CMS, and the functionalities like PHP frameworks have made WordPress one of the prominent platforms for blogging and website designing. And the quality WordPress blog Theme may make it even more impressive. For a blogger, WP CMS is way better than any other blogging platform. 



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