How To Become A Freelance Copywriter (Explained)

Freelance Copywriter

Copywriting is a beauty of its own in the umbrella of styles writing encompasses. As well-known American copywriter Elmore Leonard believes, “If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” 

Copywriting is all about writing, parse, without the reader actually knowing that it is ‘written’. And to become a freelance copywriter means breathing this spirit every second.

What is a Freelance Copywriter?

Freelance copywriters are mini entrepreneurs. They help their clients with compelling copy to boost sales and branding. 

Copywriter freelance work includes producing content in various formats including: 

  • Long-form articles
  • Blogs
  • Social media content
  • Marketing emails, newsletters, and campaigns
  • Promotional one-liners
  • Video scripts
  • Website landing pages

How to Know If ‘Freelance Copywriter’ Is Your Thing?

Primarily, to check if copywriter freelance mindset suits you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you creative?
  • Do you have a learning mindset?
  • Do you believe that reading takes you places?
  • Can you explain complex concepts in simple words in an impactful way?
  • Did you ever try to visualize in your own way the marketing concepts/ ads that you came across?

If the answers to the majority of these questions are affirmative, congrats! You are a born copywriter.

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter?

Copywriter freelance tasks are never straightforward. The career path ripens with experience. Here are some simple yet effective ways to establish your copywriter freelance career step by step:

Step #1:

Read more. And more. And more. 

Then brief your readings into compelling summaries. 

This is your first step to knowing how well you can make a concise copy of long-form content. 

Because this is what copywriters do – convey more in less.

Step #2:

Take up freelance copywriting work. 

Start with small clients and for a nominal fee. Improve your copywriting skills with every task that comes your way. 

Working with digital marketing agencies as an intern copywriter is also a great kickstart.

Step #3:

Read books from copywriting gurus. 

My personal choices include “The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells”, “Writing Well for Business Success: A Complete Guide to Style, Grammar, and Usage at Work”. 

They are beginner-friendly and show you the way to your successful copywriter freelance career.

Step #4:

Create your copywriter T profile on freelance work platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr

Observe other copywriters understand how to set up copywriting freelance fees and a catchy profile.

Step #5:

Keep learning and upskilling with the help of online resources. 

Udemy, LinkedIn, Coursera, HubSpot, and SEMrush have an industry-leading collection of online courses. 

Benefit from them to master the freelance copywriting nuances.

Step #6:

Compare your work periodically. 

When you look back and don’t find that your previous writings would have been better, that’s a red flag that your skills need an upgrade. 

Because the more you learn, the better your copywriting skills become, and you can identify your areas of improvement precisely.

Freelance Copywriter Portfolio

Once you implement the above steps, it’s time to set up your freelance copywriter portfolio. 

But why do you need it? 

And how to set it up? 

Here’s what you need to know about setting up a freelance copywriter portfolio.

1- Create Your Website

Your website is your digital home. That’s where you showcase the best of your talent for your prospective clients. 

With a personal website driven by SEO, the tasks you accomplish as a freelance copywriter are boundless. 

2- Seek Professional Help

If writing is the piece of your cake, setting up a website might appear cumbersome. 

Take the help of a technical SEO consultant and website designer to set up a professional-looking freelance copywriter portfolio website. 

Meanwhile, you can focus on honing your copywriting skills and finding new clients.

3- Load It and Launch It

Once you set up your website, add the previous copywriting works on it so your prospective clients understand your copywriting caliber. 

Take the help of a web designing expert if you need help at this stage.

Start adding quality content to your website so it gains traction and comes up in search results, thus bringing you more exposure.

“Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.” – Shirley Polykoff

How to Succeed as a Freelance Copywriter?

Turning into a full-time freelance copywriter is a responsible task. It demands you to upgrade your writing and marketing skills from time to time. 

Follow the tips given here to establish a successful career as a freelance copywriter:

1- Find Your Niche

Check which topics you are comfortable writing about and prove your expertise in it. It might be tempting to try to write about every niche, but in the end, copywriting is all about persuading your customers. This means, unless you put your heart in the content, a copy that persuades you does not come out. Hence, find your niche and stick to it.

2- Move from Long to Short

Start with long-form content, then dive into social media content, marketing copy and ad design, etc. Gaining hold on writing blogs and long-form content teaches you the patience to read, write and understand various topics that are quintessential to sell a business offering impactfully in crisper sentences.

3- Pursue Certifications

Learn expert tricks and approaches to create compelling marketing copy, ad copy, and other forms of copywriting by enrolling in online courses. 

As businesses move digital, the marketing turns competitive, which means your copy must be compelling to cater to business needs. 

Hence, periodical learning and upskilling must be a part of your lifestyle.

4- Expand Your Network

The gig economy is on the rise. Explore freelance platforms sites that are growing in number every year. 

Create your profiles and start attracting clients. LinkedIn is another proven platform to find potential clients and establish your personal branding as an expert freelance copywriter. 

Most freelance works arise from word-of-mouth recommendations. Hence, deliver quality work to every client and stay grateful for the learning opportunity. 

5-Share Your Knowledge

If you believe you attained mastery in copywriting, it’s time to spread the word with the world. Start sharing your freelance copywriting techniques through podcasts, social media posts, guest posts, and articles. 

Create and sell courses and books on copywriting. They bring you passive income while establishing you as an expert in your field. 

Begin Your Tomorrow Today

Freelance copywriters are in immense demand. As of Jan 2022, there are more than 15000 openings on for freelance copywriting roles. Combining with those on other job portals and counting global opportunities, the market for freelance copywriters is bright. 

The copywriting work you have been looking for is out there. The question is: are you ready? 

Approach me if you need any guidance with kickstarting your freelance copywriting career. Don’t forget to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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