How to Hire Google Adwords PPC Specialist? 5 Expert Advice

Hire Google Adwords PPC Specialist

You have set everything in place for the online growth of your business. A stunning website powered by the top-notch technical build. Invested in SEO and Organic Marketing. Leveraging social media for wider reach. 

Still, the website traffic and sales don’t seem so exciting! 

Maybe it’s a sign that your brand needs better digital visibility under the guidance of a PPC expert. 

If you are on this page, we are sure you have researched something called – paid ads. Those ads that we see on the search engines when we search for a product or service. 

Companies that leverage paid ads in addition to SEO experience a 32 percent gain in traffic and sales. And this is why you will need to hire a google ads specialist.

Understanding PPC Ads

PPC ads are the sponsored results that we see on search engine result pages (SERP) when we search for something on the internet. They are usually on the top and or bottom of the search engine results (above the organic results) and are marked as ‘ads.

Google PPC Ads
Google PPC Ads

To win the search ads game, publishers (who are promoting their business through ads) will pay a certain amount to a search engine in the name called – bidding. They bid on keywords through a process called auction

If you want your ad to win the auction, various elements come into the picture. Ad copy. Landing Page. Keyword relevance. Cost of the bid. To name a few.

To make sure your investment in the ad campaigns meets its goals, you will need to hire a google ads specialist. To make a fruitful collaboration with a PPC consultant and to choose the one that will make sure your ad budget is well spent, here we share expert advice you just cannot ignore.

Advice #1: Hire AdWords PPC Consultant as It Benefits Your Business

Call them by any name – google AdWords expert, AdWords PPC consultant, paid search consultant, pay per click consultant, or a PPC specialist, PPC professionals strategize and implement the paid ad campaigns that align with your business goals. 

PPC experts often come with a whole package of technical expertise and marketing knowledge. Here’s how your business benefits when you hire a PPC specialist:

Save time and effort: When you sell online, timing means everything. Any error in the planning and execution of paid ad campaigns can be counterproductive. A certified and experienced AdWords PPC consultant can save your money and efforts that need a mention for the successful execution of a campaign.

Return on investment: Paid ads demand money. A lot. Any mistake in their strategy and implementation can burn your pockets and bring nothing in return. Here’s where a PPC specialist comes to the rescue. They will help your business by designing the tactical approaches which ensure that your investment in paid ads is fruitful.

Technical knowledge: A combination of in-depth technical knowledge is quintessential to execute paid ads successfully. Right from the landing pages design to performing competitor analysis and analyzing metrics to tweak the ad campaigns, the tasks a PPC expert performs are technically demanding. 

Increased conversions: Web users today are smart. To grab their attention and make sure they click your ad, you hence need a smarter approach. A google ads specialist helps you design the ad copy that strikes the targeted audience, thereby ensuring a better conversion rate.

Experience: Paid ads are a competitive arena. You will have to beat the competitor strategies to make your investment worthy. In this process, you need to overcome many challenges. A paid search consultant can confidently handle such challenges, thanks to their years of experience.

Advice #2: Check Skills When You Hire a PPC Specialist

You may hire an AdWords PPC consultant in many ways. PPC Freelancers. PPC Specialists with Agency Experience. Or tie-up with a PPC agency straight away. 

Irrespective of the approach you take, here’s what you need to check in a PPC consultant when you wish to hire one.

Creative and analytical: When you hire a google ads specialist, make sure they are a blend of both creativity and analytical. Search Engine Ads is not a small domain that you research and get started right away to the next step. Right from choosing the design elements that catch the users’ attention to analyzing metrics and performance, it demands an intensive analytical bent of mind to assess every stage of the campaign.

At the start of the campaign: 

  • What are your campaign goals? 
  • Do you want to increase the traffic to your site? 
  • Or want to sell your product through an eCommerce store? 
  • From where do you expect leads the most? 
  • Mobile visitors? Cold calling? Email campaigns? Or random internet users? 
  • Further stages of the campaign:
  • Are you tracking conversions the right way? 
  • Is the campaign moving ahead as intended, or do the results seem to be negative? 
  • Is the cost per click too high or effective enough to beat competitors?

Hence it is imperative to hire a PPC expert with a creative and analytical mindset.

Communication: Running a successful campaign demands a collaborative approach. A PPC consultant will have to communicate with Marketing Heads, Digital Marketing Team, Content Experts, Clients, and CEOs. Any communication gaps can hamper the paid campaign results.

Adaptability: Not every paid campaign turns successful on the first go. The pay-per-click consultant you hire must be adaptable enough to take responsibility for the campaign results and emerge with better and innovative campaigns. 

Passion and Enthusiasm: PPC is a constantly evolving stream. PPC professionals must be eager enough to learn about the changing algorithms and search engine updates. 

Besides, Pay per click is a time taking approach. A PPC consultant should be passionate enough about the work to carry on the campaign meticulously. 

Advice #3: Here’s What Your Paid Search Consultant is Supposed to Deliver

After all the efforts and technical skills it demands, PPC experts can be expensive. It helps if you know what a PPC specialist does before you hire one so you can gain the fullest from your investment.

Task #1: Understanding your ad campaign goals and initial analysis

The primary role of a pay-per-click consultant is to understand the business and the campaign needs. Only then will they be able to chalk ad strategies that will achieve their purpose. 

Your google ads consultant must analyze your website to suggest its areas of improvement. They must study the competitor strategies to ideate the best ad campaign strategies that cater to your business goals. 

The best platform to use, budget, trends, hashtag campaign ideas, geo-targeting, user demographics, KPI metrics are other crucial areas your Google AdWords Expert must guide you.

Task #2: Design and Test PPC Campaigns

Building Pay per click campaigns must be the core skill for a PPC expert. As a part of this, the AdWords professional you hire must:

  • Perform keyword research
  • Optimize bid costs according to campaign budget
  • Understand the nuances of ad copy design
  • Technically sound to troubleshoot and work with technical aspects of landing pages.

Once they are clear about your campaign goals and defined metrics and KPIs, PPC experts will run a test run on a low budget to gather the insights to proceed further and run the campaign on the whole.

Task #3: The Knack For Using Related Tools and Technology to Deliver Results

Pay-per-click specialists use various tools to research, segment keywords, observe trends, monitor campaign performance, and generate reports. Your PPC consultant must be able to use such tools to handle the end-to-end needs of the campaign.

Some of the tools that PPC consultants use are:

Task #4: Guide You on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Once you launch the campaign, monitoring the conversion is essential. An expert PPC professional will guide you over conversion rate optimization. It is the approach through which you must tweak the campaign strategies to increase the conversion rate. 

As a part of this, your Google ads specialist should be able to handle some technical changes including landing page modification, website troubleshooting, digital marketing campaigns, etc. 

Task #5: Help You With Understanding the ROI

As it goes – “What can be measured, can be improved.” PPC campaigns are all about attaining the ROI. At the end of the campaign, your PPC expert must throw clear insights into how the campaign has ended. 

  • Did it bring in more traffic?
  • How was the subscription rate before and after the campaign?
  • What were the CTR and CPR your campaign delivered? 
  • How was the quality score of your ad content?
  • The average position of your ad and the impressions it brought?

A Google AdWords Expert will detail all these so you can see what is working and what’s not to create better ad campaigns at the next campaign.

Advice #4: Ask These Questions Before You Hire a PPC Expert

PPC is a technical subject. As a business owner, you might or not know about it. However, gaining basic knowledge about the paid ads, how they work, along with an understanding of what to ask before you hire a PPC professional will help.

Here are some questions along with explanations that you should pose to a prospective PPC professional you are about to hire:

  1. What’s the minimum ad spend you work for?

Running a campaign means spending money. And this budget depends on the campaign size that in turn depends on various factors such as targeted geography, size of business, the competitiveness of keywords, availability of resources, extra services you may seek from the PPC agency, etc.

Most agencies take up projects only if they are above their minimum ad spend for all these reasons. Hence checking the minimum ad spend for which the PPC agency will take up your campaign should be on top of your list.

  1. How do you leverage social media ads in the budget?

The cost and approach of social media channels differ from one to another. Your PPC agency should explain the best approach that meets your business goals in your budget. 

  1. What other ads can they handle?

Ad campaigns are not just limited to Google Ads. You can run them using Amazon, Microsoft Advertising, Quora, Affiliate Promotion Websites, AdRoll, Outbrain, and social media. Enquire your PPC agency about their experience in handling ads on such diverse platforms.

  1. What are your testing strategies for ad copies?

The first step for a successful campaign is to always test it. Your PPC marketing consultants should explain to you how they are going to test the campaign. 

Ads testing method are:

  • Ad Format Testing
  • Ad Size Testing
  • Ad Placement Testing
  • Ad Layout Testing
  • User Device Testing
  • Ad Color Testing

You can seek clarity about the parameters they are going to consider to accomplish this. CTAs, emotional factors, text on the ad copy, size and color, ad format, etc. are some of the elements that are usually tested at this stage.

  1. Does my campaign work better with remarketing?

Remarketing is one of the effective strategies to grab the attention of users. It is a way to target potential customers who might have visited your website or clicked the ad once and left without performing any action. 

Gain better guidance from the PPC agency on how remarketing works for your business and the visible benefits it brings along.

  1. How do you ensure the quality of my ads?

Search engines assess your ads based on various technical factors. Google, for instance, considers auctions, Ad Rank, and Quality Score. Your PPC expert will guide you on how to use such metrics to the best to make sure your ad scores good ratings from the search engines.      

Advice #5: Hire Me as Your Google Ads Specialist

Freelance PPC marketing consultants are a dime a dozen these days, but truly knowledgeable and communicative PPC professionals are worth every penny. 

I can handle end-to-end tasks related to PPC campaigns – Website Design & Troubleshooting, Landing Page Design, Keyword Research, Testing and Running Campaigns, Monitoring and Report Analysis. 

Ask me how your business benefits from search ads. Hire me to boost your campaign and bring the visibility and sales your business deserves. 

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